Challenger 604/605 Brakes

C&L Offers Overhauled Challenger 604/605 Brakes

C&L is the only provider in a partnership with Bombardier, which means that our overhauled Challenger 604/605 brakes come complete with 100% OEM parts and quality service.

  • Challenger 604/605 brakes p/n 5012333, Bombardier p/n 604-85123-101
  • Brakes backed by a 2-year warranty from the time the brake is shipped to you
  • Brakes are in factory overhauled condition provided by OEM (0 TSO/CSO) with newly overhauled fresh tags and dual release certificates
  • No PMA parts, all parts come directly from the OEM
  • Available for exchange
  • Ready to ship

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