Corporate Aircraft Avionics

Our professional technicians offer a range of modifications and upgrades for corporate aircraft avionics. We provide a turnkey package that includes engineering services and FAA approval of installations.

We are capable of upgrading all major communication, cabin management, and entertainment systems, including support for flight deck navigation and equipment upgrades, such as ADS-B solutions.

Our growing list of dealer authorizations and relationships makes upgrades a great value for our customers.

Examples of some of our aircraft avionics services include:
  • Universal Avionics 1LW installation with autopilot integration and vertical navigation landing capability
  • Complete design and installation of Collins HF system
  • Complete design and installation of autopilot-integrated GPS
  • Blue Sky Network Satcom
  • Wi-Fi and broadband options
  • Gogo Biz
  • BizJeft Mobile
  • USB Power Integration
  • ADS-B Solutions

We also offer complete special mission communication design and installations, including voice, data link, equipment racks, 115volt 60 hz power, and flight deck intercom integration.

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