Parts Repairs And Exchanges

We generate a high volume of repairs due to the large number of components in our own inventory and additional components under management for our operators. This has created buying power and opportunity for us to negotiate competitive pricing and shorter turnaround times with experienced and reliable repair vendors.

We are pleased to pass both time- and cost-saving benefits on to our customers.

Coordinated by our repairs manager, the benefits include:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely service
  • Specialist staff to monitor and manage the repairs process on your behalf
  • Access to inventory piece parts
  • Forward Exchange units

Our fully coordinated service includes weekly status updates and delivery scheduling. This allows operators to better allocate personnel rather than committing valuable staff time to dealing with multiple repair vendors.

Additionally, our service extends to providing immediate access to inventory piece parts, which may reduce the repair costs for some components.

We also supply forward exchange units to alleviate what would otherwise be aircraft down time.