Amfuel is a designer and fabricator of composite material products for aviation, aerospace, military ground forces, and commercial transport industries.

These composites chiefly span elastomers to metal, plastics, fabric, films and adhesive to form fuel bladders for the aviation industry; insulation of rocket motors; military water and fuel logistics systems; and fuel tanks for the transportation industry. Amfuel customised solutions for containing fuel and liquids for all types of applications.

Amfuel is the major supplier to the OEM aircraft and helicopter industries and currently has products in service with most military forces around the world including Australia and New Zealand. Amfuel fuel cells cover the entire range of needs from crash resistant self-sealing to simpler bladder constructions.

Amfuel is the fuel cell OEM for C130 Hercules, P3 Orion, DHC4 Caribou, F/A-18 Hornet and Bell Helicopters.

C&L Aerospace represents Amfuel in the Australia and Pacific region for Amfuel aircraft and helicopter fuel cells and Amfuel military coated fabric products.

C&L is the Exclusive Agent in Australia and New Zealand for Amfuel products for sale to military and commercial customers.