Al Kinnamon

Avionics Sales Manager

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Al is an industry veteran in high-end corporate aircraft avionics, and he brings with him more than 30 years of Gulfstream avionics experience on all models up through the G550.

Formerly of PrivateSky Aviation Services, where he focused on Gulfstream aircraft, Al also served as Manager of Completion Sales at Bizjet International for corporate, military and head-of-state aircraft ranging from Citations to Boeing 757s.

At Gulfstream, Al worked for 13 years in technical operations and managed the Avionics/Electrical Systems department for the Savannah and Brunswick Service Centers, while supporting Military Programs, Pre-owned Aircraft Sales and Fleet customers.

Al’s avionics specialties include Cockpit Systems, Cabin Management Systems, In-flight Entertainment, Satcom, and High-Speed Data Systems.

Al will be based in the Raleigh, NC area.