Nick Heckerman

Director of Interiors

Nick Heckerman, C&L’s Interior Shop Manager, has been doing executive interior refurbishments since the age of 19, but Nick’s passion for design goes back even further—to rearranging his mother’s furniture as a kid. For Nick, the art is both visual and kinetic. It’s about the feel of the leather and the vision he shares with the client.

“No matter how many interiors I deliver, it still excites me to see a design come to life,” he says. “There is no better feeling than seeing a customer’s emotions when they see their interior for the first time.”

 Before joining the C&L team, Nick worked for Gulfstream Aerospace, Midcoast Aviation, Classic Interior Completions, and Capital Aviation. He considers his best training to be the hands-on experience he has had “listening to the right people,” but his official training includes: Lean Six Sigma, 5S, ATA 25, Safety/PPE, and EPA/OSHA Regulations.

As C&L’s Interior Shop Manager, Nick holds his Repairman Certificate and is responsible first and foremost for delivering quality products for customers that are in compliance with FAR 25.853. He also provides customer quotes, measures and orders materials, manages technicians, and oversees W/O’s, teardowns and 8130-3s.