Valerie Byers

Recruitment Manager

+1 207 217 6073 +1 207 951 2856
Valerie Byers has held several roles of increasing responsibility within the company since joining in 2016. Her specialties include employee recruitment, employee programs, direct and contractor hiring, onboarding, governmental compliance, human resources, employee satisfaction, labor relations, employee benefits, relocation assistance, transfers, performance management, records tracking, workers compensation, and resource development.

More than that, Valerie is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and is often referred to by fellow employees as nice, caring, dependable, funny, and empathetic.

Valerie’s previous roles at C&L give her a 360-degree understanding of the C&L company culture and how individuals will, or will not, thrive at the company. She also excels at aligning the hiring initiatives of C&L with strategic company goals to enable optimal organizational performance.  

If you are interested in open positions at C&L, or looking to learn more about the company culture and why working with C&L might be a great fit for you, please contact Valerie or visits