NBAA 2017

NBAA 2017 Video 5 - Back to Work

You’ve met with us at NBAA, now see us back in the office. Our video star Otto was such a hit at the show in Vegas that we had to keep him around. But we got a little more than we bargained for…literally.

NBAA 2017 Video 4 - Flying With Dummies

Will C&L make it to the NBAA? Will Chris get to the second coat of paint? Will there be coffee with pie? And will Otto save the day? Found out in this exciting conclusion of “C&L Aviation.”

NBAA 2017 Video 3: Wing Man

The plane’s paint is peeling. The passengers find pie. And our paint shop manager puts on a beret. All this and more as the team goes out on a limb (we mean a wing) to fix the next “emergency” in Part 3 of “C&L Aviation.”

NBAA 2017 Video 2: 4G or not 4G

What happens when the WiFi goes down? Nothing good. Watch the C&L team heroically manage this “emergency” in Part 2 of “C&L Aviation”.

NBAA 2017 Video 1: Grab Your Seats

Ever been in a Turkish prison? Neither have we! But our fearless team did manage a mid-air cabin “emergency” to get us to NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. Watch this incredible footage and you’ll surely believe us.

Mistakes to look for in you aircraft's custom interior

When it comes to aircraft interiors, it’s all in the details. Unfortunately, sometimes, in an effort to be fast, those details are overlooked. Fast, incomplete work that overlooks details not only looks bad, it can compromise the durability of the interior, too.

Here are a few ways to know if your upholstery work is a quality job.

custom beechjet 400a interior

Beechjet 400A Refurbishment

Our aircraft interiors department, led by Interiors Manager Nick Heckerman, refurbished this Beechjet 400A with stunning results. The original interior was bland and outdated. So, first, our shop created custom cabinetry and trim with a modern feel. Next, the upholstery department designed and hand-stitched custom, leather seats for the aircraft interior. They also reupholstered the aircraft’s interior wall panels. Last, the airplane’s exterior was stripped and refinished in our 20,000 square foot aircraft paint facility.