ERJ 140 Sales and Semi-Private Interior Conversion

ERJ 140 Sales and Semi-Private Interior Conversion

Converting an ERJ 140 is a viable way to enter the semi-private jet travel industry. Semi-private travel, or “hop on” jet service, is an increasingly popular aviation trend, featuring fewer seats, increased personal space, and a more luxurious passenger experience. Several semi-private seat configurations and interior upgrades are available for the ERJ 140 and can be tailored to meet your level of specification. 

At C&L, we provide all the services required to transform your ERJ 140 into a semi-private jet – from start to finish. This includes sourcing your first aircraft, providing pre-purchase inspections, designing a custom semi-private interior, providing avionics upgrades, engineering, heavy maintenance, and more. Our team of professionals has the experience and is fully committed to turning your vision into a reality.    



  • Interior Conversions and Upgrades
  • Heavy Maintenance, Modifications, STC Development and Engineering
  • Aircraft Sales and Leasing Options
  • Avionics Upgrades, FMS Upgrades, Sound Systems, WIFI
  • Parts Support and Power by the Hour Programs

ERJ 140 Semi-Private Interior Conversion

ERJ 140 Interior
ERJ 140 VIP Jet Black Interior

Packages Fully Customized Options

We have built a program that can assist operators with something as simple as an interior refurbishment to a fully transformed and upgraded interior. When it comes to converting your ERJ 140 jet, you have options. There are multiple semi-private seat configurations available. How many seats and what seat layout you want on your aircraft will depend on the aircraft type and your desired level of customization.

ERJ 140 VIP Interior
ERJ 140 VIP Seat

VIP Jet 18 Seat

Providing passengers with the most personal space is the VIP 1:1 seating configuration. This option offers first-class seats with adjustable lumbar, additional recline angles with unique leg support functions, and ample leg room. The cabin features a center aisle (FAA-approved flat floor modification STC is required). The ERJ 140 has 18 seats with a 48” pitch forward of the hatch and a 41” pitch aft of the hatch. Prices start at $1,750,000.

Space Jet Layout: 25 or 30 Seats

For a seat reconfiguration featuring fewer seats without a flat floor modification, you may opt for a table modification option – which we refer to as the “Space Jet.” The Space Jet configuration provides passengers with more personal space by removing some seats and replacing them with tables. By replacing some seats with tables, the seat track does not need to be altered from the commercial 2:1 seat layout. The ERJ 140 has 25 seats with a 34” pitch or 30 seats with a 31” pitch. Prices start at $850,000.

ERJ 140 Commercial Interior Layout Seat
ERJ 140 Interior

Regular Layout 30 Seat

With a 30-seat configuration, passengers gain more personal space than in a traditional regional or commercial aircraft layout. The overhead bins are removed and the number of seats is reduced. The ERJ 140 can have up to a 40” pitch. Prices start at $715,000.

ERJ 140 Commercial Interior Layout Seat
ERJ 140 Commercial Interior Layout Seat

Regular Commercial Layout: 44 Seat

You don’t have to reduce the number of seats on your regional aircraft to receive an exclusive, first-class interior. This option includes interior refurbishment and some customizable upgrades while retaining the original number of seats in the 2:1 standard configuration. The ERJ 140 has a 31” pitch. Prices start at $275,000.




Max Cruise SpeedM 0.78
Time to climb to FL350 TOW for 400 nm, full PAX16 min
Takeoff Field Length TOW for 400nm, full PAX, ISA, SL1280m, 4167ft
Takeoff Field Length MTWO, ISA, SL1850m, 6070ft
Landing Field Length MLW, ISA, SL1380m, 4528ft
Service Ceiling37,000 ft
Range MLW, ISA, SL1650nm, 3058km
Maximum Takeoff Weight21,000 kg46,517 lb
Maximum Landing Weight18,000 kg41,226 lb
Basic Operating Weight (std)11,808 kg26,032 lb
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight17,100 kg37,699 lb
Maximum Payload5,292 kg11,666 lb
Maximum Usable Fuel* 5,136 kg11,322 lb
Maximum Usable Fuel6, 396 l1,690 gal
*0.803kg/l (6.7lb/gal)

Available Options

  • Air Stairs
  • Customized Seating Choices
  • Upgraded Panels
  • Lighting & In-Seat Power
  • Hydro-dipped or Painted Cabinets
  • Upgraded Lavatory & Galley
  • Flooring

The Process

Share Your Vision. Source The Aircraft. Craft The Vision.

ERJ 140  Semi-Private Interior Conversion
ERJ 140  Semi-Private Interior Conversion
ERJ 140  Semi-Private Interior Conversion

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