Custom Sidewall Panel Refurbishment for Regional Aircraft

A passenger’s thoughts about an airline often are influenced by the appearance of an airplane’s cabin. Attractive, clean and modern cabins instill confidence that leads to customer loyalty. With fewer defects in a cabin interior, the more modern and attractive it will look.

Unfortunately, many Saab 340s, Dash 8s, CRJs, and EMBs have been outfitted with a Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVL) Film which, over time, fades and becomes damaged from use and humidity. These older laminated sidewalls can be difficult to repair due to obsolete materials and the inability to match the existing design.

At C&L, we have developed an effective and economical (often 1/3 the cost of a full re-laminate) way of repairing and painting aircraft sidewalls, bins and ceiling panels to make them more modern, durable and easily cleanable, which contributes to the overall fresh appearance of your interior.

For operators with limited time and budget, there is no better way to update your aircraft’s appearance and increase your customers’ confidence and satisfaction.

sidewall panel
Mid section of a sidewall panel after just a few years of use. Notice how the PVF is coming off the panel creating an ugly bulge under the window.
sidewall panel
A panel after C&L has restored it to like-new condition. By using paint we eliminate the risk of PVF lifting off the surface.

Our sidewall panel repairs are:


Our paint process shows fewer defects in the cabin interior, which adds to an updated look. We can easily match colors to suit individual carrier preferences and changes throughout time. Your interior can be refreshed and modernized for less expense than replacing laminate every 10 years.


Our repair and paint process helps the interior to withstand humidity and frequent use, unlike older laminate replacements which deteriorate and fade with time.


Our paint is easily washable and durable over the course of multiple cleanings. Panels require less care and can be easily maintained.


With our approach, you can refresh your aircraft every three years for less than the price of installing new laminate every 10 years. It only takes 5 to 7 days to complete the process and return your aircraft to you.


Our process has been tested on more than 100 aircraft interiors with absolutely no returns. Furthermore, our technicians have been working with this specially formulated product for more than 8 years. These repairs are currently approved for ERJ 135/145, CRJ 100/200/700/900, Dash 8 and Saab 340 regional aircraft types.

Contact Paul Woodard to learn more about the process and how C&L can work with you.

Typical sidewall panel repair after just a few years of use.
Panel after C&L has restored it to like-new condition.

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