Aircraft Seat Belt & Cargo Net Rewebbing

Aircraft seat belts are critical to ensuring passenger and crew safety during flight. When aircraft seat belts show signs of damage or have exceeded the TSO limits, it’s time to consider repair and rewebbing services. C&L is one of the few non-OEM facilities with an FAA-approved Repair Specification to repair and reweb aircraft seat belts and cargo nets for U.S.-registered aircraft.

Beyond meeting safety standards, aircraft seat belts can enhance an aircraft’s interior appearance, and C&L offers various colors and customized seat belt options.

C&L Seat Belt and Cargo Net Offerings

C&L offers seat belt and cargo net repair and reweb capabilities, able to provide operators and MROs with quick turnaround times for repair and ready-to-ship seat belt sets for exchange.

Personalized seat belt options, including custom color seat belts and buckle replating and laser engraving, are also available.

Aircraft Seat Belt Repair and Rewebbing

Benefits of Rewebbing Aircraft Seat Belts and Cargo Nets

By repairing or rewebbing aircraft seat belts with C&L, U.S. operators and MROs seeking alternate OEM seat belt replacement solutions receive the following benefits:  

  • Quick turnaround times (2 weeks
  • Cost-savings 
  • High-quality – All aircraft seat belts and cargo nets are tested to the same standard as the OEM and meet TSO requirements 
  • New TSO tags 

At C&L, operators and MROs receive direct customer support throughout the entire process. 

Types of Seat Belts and Color Options

C&L repairs and rewebs aircraft seat belts for 9G and 16G seats for cabin passengers, pilots, and flight attendants.  

C&L currently offers their Signature line of 13 colors, available in stock. Additionally, there are over 100 custom color options to complement any aircraft interior redesign. 

C&L Signature Seat Belt Colors:

Customize Seat Belts and Buckles

C&L offers a range of in-house capabilities to personalize aircraft seat belts and buckles. Company names and logos can be stamped onto the seat belt material. With laser engraving, highly detailed logos, names, initials, and other images can be replicated onto seat belt buckles. 

Further, seat belt buckles can be replated from a myriad of metal options, including gold, silver, aluminum, etc. 

Cargo Net Options

C&L also repairs and rewebs cargo nets and tie-down restraints. C&L offers 1-inch and 2-inch webbing options for any size cargo net or length of tie-down. Various color options are also available. 

When to Repair Aircraft Seat Belts and Cargo Nets?

Aircraft seat belts and cargo nets require repair or rewebbing every 10 or more years per the TSO or if they show any of the following signs of damage: 

  • Webbing is torn, frayed, creased, crushed, discolored, or severely faded
  • Stitches are broken, missing, or inconsistent 
  • TSO tags are missing or illegible 

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