Saab 340 Support

Saab340We are the world leader in Saab 340 support, and we are committed to reducing aircraft operational costs by customizing our services to the needs of each individual Saab 340 operator.

It all starts with the right aircraft. Jameel Wazir, our Executive Vice President of Business Development, has more than 30 years of experience in regional aircraft sales and leasing. Jameel helps our clients find the best aircraft for their operation.

Next, we provide comprehensive inspections by qualified, experienced technicians. No aircraft leaves our hangar that we wouldn’t be comfortable putting our family in.

Our commitment and relationship with the operator include spare parts support, development of repair schemes, and ongoing technical support. Each plan is customized to the operator’s needs.

Saab 340 Parts

From an individual part to our Power-By-the-Hour (PBH) program, our specialist part support program can be tailored to suit the specific needs of operators. And with strategically located warehouses across the world, we can provide operators with 24/7, global parts support. All our warehouses are well-stocked with Saab 340 airframe, avionics, and engine spare parts.

Saab 340 Support

We have a team of engine, airframe, and avionics mechanics who are available to travel to any customer’s facility or to any remote location to provide maintenance, structural repairs, or troubleshooting–even at a moment’s notice.

Our full line of Saab 340 Support offerings includes:

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