Corporate Aircraft Engine Sales and Leasing

At C&L, we specialize in corporate aircraft engine sales, selling whole engines and overhauled engine parts. We can offer our clients an engine exchange program, allowing for an engine to be traded for an engine fresh from MPI, CZI, and Overhaul. Additionally, we have aircraft and engine parts and rotables available, allowing our clients to return to the skies while waiting for their overhauled core.

All our repair services are provided through FAA-authorized vendors. Engines and parts are delivered with the required FAA 8130-3, TC Form 1, or EASA Form 1 approval to provide traceability and proper application of service bulletins and life-limited items.

We stock inventory in our own climate-controlled, 20,000-square-foot warehouse in the northeastern U.S. for fast and efficient delivery throughout North America and Europe. Additional warehouses are located in Wichita, KS.; London’s Heathrow Airport; Brisbane, Australia; Leipzig, Germany; and several other locations to ensure worldwide coverage. Our comprehensive computer system efficiently tracks and manages our inventory for expediting customers’ inquiries.

Corporate Aircraft Engines We Specialize In

We specialize in engine and parts sales/exchanges for the following aircraft, and we are always looking for sellers:

BeechJet 400 series / PWC JT15D
Hawker 800 series / Honeywell TFE731
Gulfstream IV & IV-SP / Rolls Royce Mk711
Gulfstream V / Rolls Royce BR710
Citation X / Rolls Royce AE3007
Embraer 600 Legacy (135/145 series) / Rolls Royce AE3007

We also purchase airframes associated with these engine models. If you have aircraft, engines, and/or parts that need to be sold, we can assist you via consignment inventory.


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