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At C&L, our reputation as the world’s best service provider reinforces our outstanding level of aircraft operations support when it comes to technical knowledge, inventory, and programs that directly support our customers operating these aircraft and engine types.

Trust and Reliability Like No Other

Imagine seeing the exact part you’ll be receiving before you order it and knowing it’ll be shipped to you in a flash. That’s exactly what you get when you partner with C&L.

Welcome to the C&L Aviation Group parts warehouse with over 1,000,000 parts on the shelf, ready to be shipped. All our parts have been carefully inspected and cataloged in an expansive and specialized quoting system. Our quotes include links to the actual part photos and certification tag scans, allowing customers to see the part before making the purchase. Now, customers do not need to worry about ordering the wrong part.

Custom boxing, crating, foaming, and packaging ensures secure shipment. Plus, we offer same-day shipping and overnight delivery from one of our warehouses strategically located around the globe.


C&L stocks parts for regional and corporate aircraft, including:

Regional Aircraft

Corporate Aircraft


As an authorized parts distribution agent/installation center, C&L is able to guarantee the quality of our parts while satisfying customers’ needs for a consistent and reliable supply of regularly sought-after and specialist spare parts.

Our close partnership with OEMs and our coordinated sales and customer service approach ensures effective customer communication and delivery.

We are an authorized distributor/installation center for the following products:


C&L offers ground support equipment and tooling for the Saab 340, Dash 8, CRJ, ERJ145, and Dash 7. The majority of equipment and tooling is manufactured ‘in-house,’ where they are used and tested in our own heavy maintenance facility to ensure proper operation.

We offer one piece or a complete package of tooling and ground-support equipment for Saab 340 operators. As an added service, we have produced instructional videos showing the use of the main pieces of tooling we manufacture.


C&L is an experienced spare parts provider in the aviation industry, and our reputation as one of the best in the world reinforces it. We actively seek partnerships with OEMs and manufacturers across the world.

24/7 Access

Our offices are strategically located to ensure 24/7 sales and aftermarket services for the OEMs we represent. Naturally, this also provides a competitive edge for our aviation customers when urgently sourcing parts.

Coordinated Communication

Working on behalf of our OEM, we effectively provide an experienced sales force that offers coordinated activities for the achievement of sales goals. Regular reporting to our OEM ensures the entire process remains seamless and easy to manage.

Forward Sales

We ensure a purchase commitment based on sales history and forecasting.

We welcome inquiries from manufacturers/OEMs regarding authorized distribution agency arrangements. Please contact Marty Cooper, our Senior Vice President of sales.


C&L generates a high volume of repairs due to a large number of components in our own inventory and additional components under management for our operators. This has created buying power and opportunity for us to negotiate competitive pricing and shorter turnaround times with experienced and reliable repair vendors.

We are pleased to pass both time- and cost-saving benefits on to our customers.

Coordinated by our repairs manager, the benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely service
  • Specialist staff to monitor and manage the repairs process on your behalf
  • Access to inventory piece parts
  • Forward exchange units

Our fully coordinated service includes weekly status updates and delivery schedules. This allows operators to better allocate personnel rather than committing valuable staff time to deal with multiple repair vendors.

Additionally, our service extends to providing immediate access to inventory piece parts, which may reduce the repair costs for some components.

We also supply forward exchange units to alleviate what would otherwise be aircraft downtime.


Effectively marketing and selling spare parts is a specialized operation that requires significant infrastructure and experienced personnel to manage it. For operators who have inventory but do not consider spare parts to be a core function, it can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive.

Selling spare parts is what we do, and we have heavily invested in this area to ensure an efficient and successful operation.

Our efforts are focused on achieving maximum sale prices through global marketing channels, of which many contacts belong to our own extensive network. Our commitment to achieving better prices for spare parts translates to a win-win situation that involves a generous revenue split for our customers.

We offer the following inventory services to operators:

Inventory Acquisition

We welcome receiving inventory lists that we can evaluate. We will send one of our professional staff to inspect the items and make an offer.

Consigned Inventory Management

As an alternative to acquisition, we offer a managed consignment service that includes full sales, marketing, warehousing, dispatch, and administrative functions such as stocktaking. Consignment inventories may be managed as individual parts or as packages.

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