E170 / E190 Support

For over 30 years, C&L has been providing quality regional aircraft parts through teardown, part-out, and distribution product lines. Through our developing program with E170 / E190 aircraft, C&L offers worldwide support for operators and maintenance providers. 

At C&L, we provide a customer-centric approach for E170 / E190 operators and maintenance providers, supplying various spare parts and programs designed to meet their needs.  

Our E170 / E190 Parts Program

C&L currently offers key E170 / E190 rotables and distribution product lines as outlined below. All inventory is strategically located in our US warehouses and available for shipping worldwide. All parts listed are available on an exchange-only basis.

E170 / E175 Landing Gear
E170 Landing Gear

Landing Gear

Part Number/s (PN) Description
2801A0000-04 / 2801A0000-05MLG LH
170-70150-403MLG Side Strut
170-70250-409 / 170-70250-411MLG Secondary Side Strut


PN Description
90000581-1Nose Wheel
90000582Main Wheel


PN Description
90000583-5PRCarbon Brake Assembly
90000583-6Carbon Brake Assembly

Thrust Reverser

PN Description
15G0002-012Thrust Reverser
15G0002-013Thrust Reverser
15G0003-011Thrust Reverser
15G0003-013Thrust Reverser
15G0003-014Thrust Reverser
E170 / E175 Engine Exhaust Cowl
E170 Engine Exhaust Cowl

Engine Exhaust Cowl

15F0020-009Engine Exhaust Cowl
15F0021-009Engine Exhaust Cowl

Selected Avionics

PN Description
066-01153-4001Radar Altimeter
0871LD2Ice Detector
60-5127-1Power Supply
7037620-813Display Unit

C&L Aviation Group also supplies the following for E170 / E190 aircraft:

  • ARTEX Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  • Essex Industries Smoke Hoods
  • PPG Windshields
  • Securaplane SLA Batteries
  • Safran Oxygen Masks

Every aircraft part undergoes an extensive inspection before being added to C&L’s inventory. Each aircraft part and its documentation is photographed, barcoded, and scanned into an electronic location system. Part photos are provided as links on all customer quotes.

Repair Management

We generate a high volume of repairs due to a large number of components in our own inventory and additional components under management for our operators. This has created buying power and an opportunity for us to negotiate competitive pricing and shorter turnaround times with experienced and reliable repair vendors.

We are pleased to pass both time- and cost-saving benefits on to our customers. Coordinated by our repairs manager, the benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely service
  • Specialist staff to monitor and manage the repair process on your behalf
  • Access to inventory piece parts
  • Forward exchange units

Our fully coordinated service includes weekly status updates and a delivery schedule. This allows operators to better allocate personnel rather than committing valuable staff time to deal with multiple repair vendors.

Additionally, our service extends to providing immediate access to inventory piece parts, which may reduce the repair costs for some components.

We also supply forward exchange units to alleviate aircraft downtime.

Inbound Consignment

Do you currently have inventory on your shelves that you are looking to sell? As a consignment partner, C&L will work with you to sell your E170 / E190 parts inventory by utilizing our global sales team and operator contacts.

Inventory Sales and Teardowns

As we continue to develop our program, we’re interested in working with operators and suppliers looking to sell or have surplus parts for E170 / E190 aircraft. If you have inventory available for sale or are looking for an aircraft teardown partner, please reach out and speak with us.

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