Commercial Engine Solutions

C&L specializes in commercial, regional, and corporate aircraft engine transactions. We trade, lease, and acquire assets for large and small engines. Additionally, we offer management services to decrease the burden on operators.

Our one-stop solution approach means that you will be able to get all the help you need with your transaction in one place. That saves time and money, and it ensures that you are getting the best deal possible for your investment.

We have specific expertise and focus on the following engine types:

  • CF34
  • CF6
  • GE90
  • GEnx

Our services include:

  • Engine Sales and Leasing
  • Engine Acquisitions
  • Engine Disassembly
  • Portfolio Management

Engine Sales and Acquisitions

As a global business, we support airline customers all over the world. We actively engage in purchasing new and used commercial, regional, and business jet engines. Our large and varied portfolio, along with our expertise, allows us to provide creative fleet management services to investors and aircraft owners. This is especially important as airlines undergo a high volume of transitioning aircraft. Our support, expertise, and inventory can decrease the burden on operators as they move between old and new fleets.

Engine Leasing

We offer an extensive inventory of engines available for lease with a fixed monthly rent for the lease duration. Our creative lease terms allow operators the flexibility to meet their ever-changing needs, whether they be short-term, long term, or AOG requirements.

Our creative solutions with sale and leaseback options provide customers with the opportunity to release equity in their assets, providing them with positive cash opportunities and delivering maximum market value from assets with favorable residual value. This results in increased operational flexibility and optimized cash flow, and it helps to eliminate future value risk.

Engine Disassembly

Engine disassembly can be a good alternative to selling an engine, and in most cases, it provides more revenue than the outright sale. We understand this is not a project most owners or investors want to take on by themselves, so we offer services to manage the entire project, from teardown to part sales.

We disassemble engines and offer complete service, including inventorying and warehousing, repair of components, and marketing and sale of parts.

Portfolio Management

Our leased and owned portfolio management services can be customized to meet each engine owner’s or investor’s specific needs. We offer consignments, remarketing services, technical advisement, lease monitoring, cash management, accounts receivable management, and financial accounting services.