About C&L

It's simple: Good parts. Happy people. Safe landings.

C&L Aviation Group is a global aviation services and aftermarket-support provider incorporating C&L Aerospace, C&L Aviation Services, and C&L Leasing companies. We specialize in quality parts, service, sales, leasing, and maintenance for Saab 340 and Hawker 800 series aircraft, as well as CT7 and the TFE731 engine.

Good Parts!
Spare parts are a major focus of what we do. All our spare parts are subjected to extensive quality testing, both in accordance with accredited approval programs and our own rigorous in-house quality checking system, which includes storage quality.

Our inventory holding is extensive. We work closely with customers to ensure appropriateness of the spare parts for operators’ needs. Spare parts are sourced through our global networks and from OEMs as part of our authorized distribution agreements. We offer a number of spare parts programs designed to suit the needs of different aircraft and customers.

Happy People!
This is twofold. Culturally, we aim to recruit like-minded people. Though their skill-sets may differ, each of our team members shares common traits, including a ‘can-do’ attitude, a genuine commitment to excellence, and a ‘roll up your sleeves and let’s do it’ approach. Naturally, our on-the-job satisfaction rubs off to create happy customers who enjoy friendly professional assistance, insightful problem solving and fast turn around and delivery.

Safe Landings!
Ultimately, it’s all about safety. At C&L Aerospace, safe landings are the net result of good parts and happy, efficient, dedicated and qualified people.

It just makes sense.