Corporate & Private Jet Interiors

Your private aircraft interior should exude comfort, class, and convenience. Nothing ruins passenger enjoyment like baggy seat covers, rippled leather, frayed seatbelts, and a neglected lavatory. Further, cramped cabins and uncomfortable seats are not conducive to a luxury flight experience or for facilitating business. 

Achieving an exclusive aircraft interior demonstrates your jet’s high standard of maintenance and ensures the best in-flight experience. Our design team collaborates with you to create a fully customized interior that is sure to earn the respect of your passengers.

In Maine, our extensive knowledge and dedication are reflected in our reputation of hard work, attention to detail, and quality finished products – whether that’s a perfectly buttered lobster roll or a new jet interior. You can be sure the C&L Aviation Interior Design Team brings together this work ethic and quality craftsmanship to every interior design project.

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Mix and Match Corporate Aircraft Interior Services

Our corporate interior projects range from simple repairs to unique interior upgrades and fully custom cabin reconfigurations. We offer all our corporate interior services à la carte, so you can choose the services that meet your cabin’s needs.

  • Custom Seat Design & Foam Builds
  • Leather Seat Cushion Reupholstering
  • Re-Webbing Existing Seatbelts
  • Color Matched Seat Belts & Color Customization
  • Plating
  • Carpet Replacement
  • Repair & Recovery of Sidewall Panels, Headliners, & Ceiling Panels
  • Hydro-Dipping & Painting of Tray Tables, Bulk Heads, Lav Sinks, and more
  • Window Surrounds
  • Galley and Lavatory
  • Interior Paint
  • Custom Aircraft Cabinetry
  • Lower Sidewall and Dado Recovering
  • Entertainment System Integration
  • Cabin LED Lighting Insulation
  • Acoustic Packages and Soundproofing
  • Cabin Dividers and Bulkheads
  • Pilot Crew Seats
  • Full Cabin Reconfigurations and Alterations

Corporate Jets We Work With

We’re highly experienced in interior refurbishment on a range of business jets and are always staying up to date on current styles and standards for each aircraft model. Let us demonstrate our expert woodworking on your Challenger cabinetry, practice some immaculate stitching on a Beechjet reupholstering job, or completely refresh your Hawker interiors.

The C&L Facility

At C&L, our on-site upholstery and cabinetry shops feature skilled professionals and state-of-the art equipment that can handle any project, from a simple replacement of soft goods to major alterations involving a new cabin floor plan. Here are a few features of our design shop that are guaranteed to land your corporate jet’s interiors in the best condition they’ve ever been in:

  • State of the Art Aircraft Interior Design Showroom
  • 12,000 Sq. Ft. Interior Refurbishment Shop
  • Gerber Leather Cutting Machine
  • Laser Engraving Machine
  • On-site Support Staff
Corporate and Private Jet Interiors

Our Corporate Refurbishment Process

We’re different than some of the other MROs out there. The first thing you will notice when working with us is our commitment to you, the customer. Our dedicated sales, support, and interiors team will work with you through your entire project to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for in your aircraft’s interior.

The interior refurbishment process always starts with a discussion. We’ll meet with you to talk design and project scope, provide renderings, and review sample materials. Our Interior Design Showroom includes the latest video-conferencing technology to make design and material approvals easier and turnaround times faster.

Once we’ve solidified our plan to make your corporate interior vision a reality, we’ll pull the aircraft interior and let the real work begin.

We’ll meticulously recover and refurbish your private jet interiors, including any upgrades or custom work for an immaculate fit and finish. Finally, we reinstall the interior in your corporate or private jet and function check aircraft to ensure every last detail is faultless.

When you see the final product, you’ll know just how much time and energy our team put into every hand-crafted aspect of your aircraft interior.

An Inside Look Top Quality Interior Work

Corporate Aircraft Seat Refurbishment

C&L can complete custom foam builds for 9g seats and 16g seats within the scope of your TSO. Seating is perhaps the most important aspect of your jet’s interior, not only for comfort but also for your overall cabin aesthetics.

Our designers and fabricators take pride in their exquisitely finished and detailed upholstery. We’ll work with you on to nail each characteristic of your custom seats:

  • Design
  • Shapes
  • Foam Density & Firmness
  • Leather Choices
  • Colors

To create custom jet seating, we bench check all existing seats so that we can repair any damaged parts. We’ll strip the seat frame of old materials to make way for your custom foam and upholstery. We carefully build and shape the foam so that every curve and angle is just right before patterning and upholstering the seat. Our custom seating then goes through a final bench check prior to reinstallation.

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