Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi for Hawker Aircraft: How it works and what to expect.

Hawker Wi-Fi

Hawker Wi-Fi

You already know that in-flight connectivity adds to the travel experience in your Hawker. It keeps you connected with work and family, and it allows you to enjoy entertainment as well. But having the technology for in-flight connectivity can also help make your Hawker more attractive in the charter market and more profitable when it comes to resale value.

Last year, a survey conducted by Honeywell International revealed that 84-percent of travelers expect to have a Wi-Fi connection in air that is comparable to what they experience at home or at the office. The same survey showed that in-flight Wi-Fi impacts booking decisions for more than 68-percent of travelers, 21-percent of which are ready to leave their current air-travel arrangement for an option with better connectivity.

When it comes to personal comfort and attracting potential charters and buyers, offering top-of-the-line Wi-Fi definitely gives you the upper hand. And as technology has advanced, systems like Gogo Biz have risen to the top of the market as both reliable and affordable.

How it works:

Gogo Biz uses strategically located ground stations to provide a seamless connection. That connection, held by antennas on the aircraft, moves from one station to the next as the aircraft flies through space, but users do not experience interruptions, similar to being on Wi-Fi in a moving car.

What to expect:

For all of its small, lightweight size, the Gogo Biz system provides fast broadband coverage throughout the continental US and portions of Alaska and Canada. Systems in smaller aircraft, like the Hawker, can support up to five personal devices at once.

How much it costs:

Gogo Biz equipment can be obtained within 30 days for around $75,000.00. Ordinarily, it takes 7-10 working days to install the system, so although it can be done at any time, it is often easiest and most efficient to schedule the installation during routine maintenance events.

At C&L, we offer Gogo Biz installations by trained technicians who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your aircraft provides all of the benefits of in-flight connectivity, so that you, your family and your customers can enjoy a seamless connection and very little aircraft downtime. Contact us today for an estimate.