Purchase Of Parts Inventories

Effectively marketing and selling spare parts is a specialized operation that requires significant infrastructure and experienced personnel to manage it. For operators who have inventory but do not consider spare parts to be a core function, it can be tedious, time consuming and expensive.

Selling spare parts is what we do, and we have heavily invested in this area to ensure an efficient and successful operation.

Our efforts are focused on achieving maximum sale prices through global marketing channels, of which many contacts belong to our own extensive network. Our commitment to achieving better prices for spare parts translates to a win-win situation that involves a generous revenue split for our customers.

We offer the following inventory services to operators:

Inventory Acquisition
We welcome receiving inventory lists that we can evaluate. We will send one of our professional staff to inspect the items and make an offer.

Consigned Inventory Management
As an alternative to acquisition, we offer a managed consignment service that includes full sales, marketing, warehousing, dispatch and administrative functions such as stocktaking. Consignment inventories may be managed as individual parts or as packages.