Four Reasons to Upgrade an Aircraft Cabin Management System

Four Reasons to Upgrade an Aircraft Cabin Management System

Passengers expect charter or private flights to be up-to-date and have all the conveniences of their home or office, or that of a commercial airliner. They expect a comfortable environment with high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity for work and entertainment when they fly.

Wi-Fi connectivity and in-flight entertainment (as well as temperature and lighting) are controlled by your aircraft’s cabin management system (CMS). If you are wondering why you should upgrade your aircraft’s CMS, then you have come to the right place.

#1 – Perception

Private aviation passengers are sometimes dismayed to find that the Wi-Fi connectivity, in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, and cabin switch panels or touch-screen panels seem antiquated or not functioning perfectly in comparison to those on commercial airliners. Passengers new to private aviation expect a high-quality cabin management system. They may wonder if the avionics and other systems are really up-to-date both in the passenger cabin and for the crew in the galley and cockpit.

Your aircraft’s CMS will leave a lasting impression on the passengers. If passengers are not satisfied with the CMS or have anxiety about the aircraft’s reliability, the operator may not hear about it and might not know to upgrade their equipment. Passengers might simply choose a different provider in the future.

#2 – Productivity

Passengers should be just as productive on a corporate aircraft as they would be in the office. Older systems often cannot manage common business tasks. Some level of security from cyber threats or hacking is required by today’s business standards.

The Wi-Fi system may need to connect with ground stations as well as satellites. They may need U.S. only or global coverage for Wi-Fi. Passengers may need to print or store documents. European passengers may need to connect equipment with Euro ISDN protocols. 4G connectivity may be expected (and 5G connectivity is on the way).

Corporate interior upgrades may include configurations set up for onboard meetings and/or individual work.

#3 – Entertainment

Passengers expect to spend time in comfort on a private or corporate aircraft. They expect music, movies, and games on high-definition, high-resolution screens with great sound quality, or the capability to connect their own device to stream content.

If you have touchscreen remote systems installed on your aircraft, they should work flawlessly.

Entertainment is an important part of the experience, and it is often expected by many private jet passengers. Passengers might not charter certain flights if they know entertainment options are limited or not up-to-date.

Four Reasons to Upgrade an Aircraft Cabin Management System

#4 – Obsolesce

Older CMS are becoming obsolete because the original makers of those systems have either gone out of business or are no longer maintaining those systems. A key issue with CMS maintenance is obsolesce.   

Meeting Passenger Expectations

If your aircraft regularly has passengers onboard, you want them to be satisfied – especially if you want them to engage your flight services in the future. An up-to-date CMS that offers quick and easy control of cabin functions, Wi-Fi, and entertainment is sure to leave your passengers with favorable impressions.

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