When is the Best Time to Refresh Your Aircraft Interior?

When is the Best Time to Refresh Your Aircraft Interior?

A high-class interior is one of the pleasures of aircraft ownership or private charter. 

Over time, usual wear-and-tear takes its toll, resulting in worn carpets or dimpled upholstery that can reduce your, and your passengers’, enjoyment. 

You may be wondering if now is the right time for an interior refurbishment. Having an aircraft out of commission for an interior refurbishment means a charter aircraft is not making money or that a corporate flight department might need to hire a supplemental lift to keep everyone on schedule. 

Below are a couple of times when you might consider having your aircraft’s interior refurbished. 

When Your Aircraft is in for an Inspection or Other Maintenance 

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To minimize downtime, have your aircraft’s interior refurbished while it is already down for an inspection or maintenance. Note, however, that not all maintenance facilities have an interior shop on site. If able to combine maintenance and interior refurbishment, consult your aircraft’s inspection schedule to coordinate interior work. 

Keep in mind that different inspections involve different levels of work and scheduled downtime. 

  • “A” inspections happen most frequently and take between 45 and 260 man-hours to perform. Your aircraft will be in the hangar for a day or two. This would only be a good time to do minor interior repairs. 
  • “C” checks usually take five days. This might be a great time to have some upholstery work done. 
  • “D” checks happen every six to ten years. This involves a general overhaul of the aircraft and takes four to six weeks. Extensive work involving new carpet, headliner material, seat upholstery, and cabinetry refinishing can be completed. Interior work, along with an exterior paint job, may be considered part of the overall project that includes inspection, repair, and other work to be done. 

When You’re Considering Selling the Aircraft

If your interior is shabby at the time you are trying to sell, it might be a good idea to have some interior work done to increase the value of the aircraft on the resale market. 

What if the interior is already in good condition but is extremely personalized to your own preferences? For instance, some private aircraft owners have unique modifications made to their aircraft to accommodate out-sized entertainment equipment or special features linked to their profession or hobby. Also, they might use colors from their corporate branding, home, car, boat, or even favorite sports team. Someone else might not value an interior that has been modified for the previous owner. 

There are already many pre-owned business jets on the market, and the sales process can be slow. A non-standard interior configuration in an aircraft can potentially make the process even slower since many buyers are looking for a turnkey aircraft they can use right away. 

Owners planning to sell their aircraft might want more neutral or standard interior configurations to speed up the selling process. If the aircraft is a popular model for charter use – such as the Beechjet, Cessna Citation, Hawker 800XP, Falcon 2000, or Gulfstream – a standard configuration can reduce the time on the market and positively impact the sales price. 

When is the Best Time to Refresh Your Aircraft interior?

Your broker can help identify your aircraft’s resale prospects and how to improve them with specific interior projects. 

When It is Right for You

Knowing when to refurbish your aircraft’s interior is up to you and the options available. If you can afford a prolonged downtime, an interior refurbishment can happen anytime. If you’re looking to minimize downtime and know of a one-stop-shop, you can have your inspection, maintenance, and interior needs handled all at once. If you are considering selling your aircraft, an updated and neutral interior can increase the aircraft’s resale value. When will you get your aircraft’s interior refurbished? 

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