How Much Will It Cost to Refurbish My Private Jet’s Cabinets?

Have you noticed scratches or dents in your corporate or private jet’s cabinetry? You want your jet to reflect you. Cabinetry that is outdated, faded, or has a lackluster appearance may be in direct contrast with your image. Maybe it is time for an upgrade.

You may be wondering what upgrade options are available to meet your aviation needs and how much these options are going to cost for your specific aircraft. Like most things in aircraft maintenance and upgrades, it depends on the kind of aircraft, how it will be used, and your own needs.

Our team has decades of experience in refurbishing corporate aircraft. We have seen everything from executive-level wood appearance to trending patterns in paint and hydro-dipping.

How Much Will It Cost to Refurbish My Private Jet’s Cabinets?

Pricing and Downtime

The price ranges listed in the table below are determined by the size of the aircraft and the cabinetry options. Each cabinetry option is described in more detail below. These price ranges are meant to reflect the costs of refurbishing components, purchasing new parts and materials, and installing the finished products.

The cost of upgrading your aircraft’s cabinetry will vary within the price ranges depending on the model and size of the plane, and any after-market modifications. The downtime will also vary depending on the time to acquire materials and remove, refurbish, and reinstall components.   

All pricing is contingent upon a physical inspection of the aircraft.

Corporate Cabinetry Pricing Guide 2024

What is Cabinetry?   

Cabinetry consists of cabinets, tray tables, closets, bulkheads, pocket doors, credenzas, and even decorative wood trim throughout the galley, cabin, and lavatory. Cabinetry components are made from composite materials and are covered in a wood veneer that can be polished or painted.

What are Cabinetry Options and Prices?

Sanding and Refinishing: $35,000-$150,000/4-6 Weeks

Sanding and refinishing (a.k.a. scuff and buff) restores existing veneer color and woodgrain to its original glory. The process includes wet sanding any surface scratches and applying a new protective clearcoat several times before buffing it to a high gloss.

Paint or Hydrographic Finish: $55,000-$280,000/5-8 Weeks

The color and appearance of the cabinetry can be changed with either paint or a hydrographic finish. You can choose from a variety of paint colors, or choose a custom pattern that can be hydro-dipped. Painted logos and images may also be available.

Hydrographic finishes employ the use of water to transfer any repeatable pattern to the aircraft’s cabinetry, such as replicating woodgrain, stone marbling, or any other pattern – the sky’s the limit. (Actually, that can be done, too!)

You can choose compatible paint colors and/or patterns for different cabinetry components, to create a look as unique as you.

New Veneer Install: $75,000-$350,000/8-12 Weeks

If you are looking to completely change the wood species to achieve that executive-level hardwood appearance, you might consider a new veneer installation.

A new veneer install consists of removing the old veneer, along with the existing hardwood bull-nosing, and replacing it with new. To ensure quality and a flawless appearance, new nosing is installed so that the new veneer smoothly contours over the composite materials.

The new veneer is then sanded, sprayed with a clearcoat, and buffed several times to achieve a high gloss or matte finish.

Are There Any Add-ons?

How Much Will It Cost to Refurbish My Private Jet’s Cabinets?

Cabinetry Hardware Replating

You may want to have the cabinetry hardware (such as latches and hinges) replaced or replated. Cupholders and decorative metal trim may also be replated.

Metal replating options may include gold, silver, aluminum, etc. The cost of replating varies depending on the cost of the metal being used.

Replating the cabinetry’s hardware or other areas can be added to any of the cabinetry options listed above.   

Get the Service You Deserve

No matter where you get your cabinetry upgraded, the support staff at the facility should be willing to disclose the options available, how much these options will cost, and if there are any other potential fees.  

You want your jet to reflect you. This guide identifies current cabinetry options (as well as anticipated costs and downtime) that will help you project the image you want to exude through your private or corporate aircraft’s interior.

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