C&L Aviation Group Turns 25

If you’ve learned anything about us over the past 25 years, it’s that we’re not your average aviation company. As such, we won’t bore you with a standard run-of-the-mill 25-year anniversary video that you’d expect from anyone else. No, we have something very different planned for you.

We’ve created 5 videos, each with a different story of how C&L came to be. Which one is the real story (if any) will be up to you to decide. So grab a piece of cake and pull up a chair and see if you can tell fact from fiction. watch each video as they come out and enjoy.

The Kansas City Theory
The “Out There” Theory
The Kangaroo Theory
The Dangerous Pirate Theory
The Truth Hurts

If you’re looking for the official press release, you’ll find it here.