Corporate Sales Team

Our corporate aircraft sales team has decades of collective experience, and together, they have closed nearly $2-billion in transactions. For help with any aspect of aircrafts sales, acquisitions and re-marketing, please get in touch with one of our team members below.


Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman

Senior VP Corporate Aircraft 1-207-217-6130 1-781-320-2667 Linkedin Profile
Robert Brega

Robert Brega

Regional Sales Manager 1-207-217-6120 1-973-303-3076 Linkedin Profile

Bill Johnson

MRO Sales - Corporate 1-207-217-6056 1-207-951-0327 Linkedin Profile

Al Kinnamon

Avionics Sales Manager 1-919-275-3120 1-919-500-0139 Linkedin Profile
Larry Dean

Larry Dean

President, C&L Jet 1-973-870-0145 1-201-783-5622 Linkedin Profile
Chuck White - President SevenJet

Chuck White

President SevenJet 1-801-532-0990 1-954-256-3223 Linkedin Profile
Nick Phair - C&L Aviation Group

Nick Phair

Regional Sales Manager 1-207-217-6068 1-207-852-4256 Linkedin Profile

Wes DeMoss

Military & OEM Business Development 1-207-217-6133 1-316-285-4998 Linkedin Profile