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C&L Aviation Services is an approved sales and installation center for TAM Saab 340B Cargo Conversion. TAM’s EASA- and FAA-approved Saab 340B cargo conversion STC is well-proven and provides a highly cost-effective way to convert this fuel-efficient passenger aircraft into a profitable freighter, capable of carrying 1,280 cubic ft. of cargo.

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  Operating Weights Weights  
Max take-off weight 29,000 lbs. 13,155 kg
Max landing weight 28,500 lbs. 12,925 kg
Max zero-fuel weight 26,500 lbs.
Operational empty weight 17,223 lbs. 7,812 kg
Max payload 9,325 lbs. 4,208 kg
Max fuel capacity 5,690 lbs. 2,580 kg
Max cruise speed 283 kt. 283 kt.
Max operating altitude 25,000 ft. 7,620 m

We are the world leader in Saab 340 support, and we are committed to reducing aircraft operational costs by customizing our services to the needs of each individual Saab 340 operator.

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