Global Express Parts

Global Express

C&L offers a Global Express Inventory consisting of parts for the following Global Express aircraft types:

  • 5000
  • 5500
  • 6000
  • 6500
  • Global Express XRS

All parts are stocked in C&L’s warehouse location in Austin, Texas, and are available for sale or exchange.

The inventory totals 5,000 Global Express parts and covers everything from control surfaces to avionics. In addition to being tagged, the parts, along with their corresponding documentation, have been photographed, barcoded, and scanned into an electronic location system. The photographs are provided with all customer quotes.


C&L Aerospace is the authorized distribution agent for many quality OEMs.

As the authorized distribution agent, we are able to guarantee part quality while satisfying our customers’ needs for consistent and reliable supply of regularly sought-after and specialist spare parts.

Our close partnership with OEMs and our coordinated sales and customer service approach ensures effective customer communication and delivery.

We have many Global Express “hot parts” ready to move now.

The below list are just some of the faster-moving parts in our inventory. For a full listing of our over 5,000 parts available, please contact our sales team.

07C001-005Inlet CowlSV
07G0001-017LH Thrust ReverserRP
07G0001-019RH Thrust ReverserRP
0856TT2Pitot-Static Standby ProbeSV
0856TT4Pitot-Static ProbeSV
100-2410-02Securaplane Security SystemSV
105AMS1Standby Altimeter/Airspeed InSV
24350-103/GW4Brake Pressure TransducerSV
24850-105Emergency Park Brake ValveSV
2LA003849-22Strobe LightSV
2LA006181-22Light Install, Rear StrobeSV
2LA006616-22Nav Light – GreenSV
375900-1011/GMotor Drive UnitSV
685-0350-002HF Antenna CouplerRepaired
7007549-905Control Display UnitSV
7008471-417Weather Radar ControllerSV
7011822-904Lighting Sensor ProcessorSV
7013270-967Radio Management UnitSV
7014300-901Display Unit (EFIS)SV
7017300-61009Integrated Avionics ComputerNew w/8130
7021450-801Antenna/RCVR, Weather RadarSV
7022010-905Guidance Panel ControllerSV
7022012-903Display ControllerSV
7022014-903EICAS ControllerSV
7022016-905Reversionary ControllerSV
7517900-10012TCAS ComputerSV
770699/GL512-3Secondary Pwr Distribution AssySV
GC542-0027-3APU Control PanelSV
GC542-0033-5Pressurized Control PanelSV
GC549-0017-951Landing Gear Control PanelSV
GG546-3001-11Cabin Pressure ControllerRepaired
GL511-3103-9Generator Control UnitSV