C&L Announces Purchase of Three Saab 340s

C&L Aerospace announced today that it has purchased an additional 3 Saab 340 aircraft for partout. The two A models and one B model are parked at Lanseria Airport in South Africa and will be parted out on site by a C&L crew. The parts will be transported back to C&L’s Bangor MRO facility for repair or overhaul prior to being offered to our customers. The partout of these aircraft brings to a total of 13 Saab 340 aircraft which have been purchased and parted out by C&L.

“Our first preference is to get these aircraft back into revenue service, however if that isn’t economically feasible then we will go ahead and partout these aircraft enabling us to continue to support our many Saab 340 customers around the world” commented Kilgour, CEO and owner of C&L Aviation Group of companies.

“As the market leader in the Saab 340 aftermarket, we need to offer our customers a cost effective solution to help them continue to operate their aircraft for many years to come” added Kilgour.