C&L Completes Sale of Saab 340B to Airlink International

(Bangor, Maine, USA) C&L has completed the sale of a Saab 340B to Airlink International in the Ukraine. The transaction marks the second sale and a years-long relationship between the two companies.

Airlink has twice flown their aircraft from Europe to C&L’s Bangor, Maine, facility for maintenance.

“We are pleased to have a strong, long-lasting relationship with Airlink,” said C&L CEO Chris Kilgour. “Our company is built on relationships and trust, making sales like this seamless for everyone involved. We look forward to more work with Airlink in the future.”

Airlink leases many of their Saabs out on an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) basis, providing carriers with the ability to make fast and easy changes to their fleet requirements due to seasonal demands, maintenance schedules, traffic restrictions and more.