ERJ 135/145 Repair Management

C&L Aviation Group offers ERJ 135/145 Repair Management services

ERJ 145 Repair Management

Before entering any ERJ 135/145 repair management program, it’s important to know the facts. We have outlined many common questions we receive about the program and answered each below.

What does “repair management” mean?

“Repair management” refers to organizing customer repair work packages, tracking workflow (parts and labor), entering this data into a database, and then reviewing the data and giving it to our customers regularly. It also means interfacing with our customers throughout the repair process to ensure that their repair work meets their requirements for quality, turn-time, and budget.


What is the benefit of being in a program like this?

Using a company like C&L to manage aircraft repairs means that operators can focus on their business and leave the details of maintenance, records, parts, and inspections to professionals.


Why should someone choose C&L to do their ERJ 135/145 Repair Management?

Our quality workmanship and lower turn times allow the customer to return the aircraft to revenue service quickly and at a competitive cost.  Also, we are a One-Stop-Support facility, which means we can manage the repair of every aspect of the aircraft, from interiors to maintenance to inspections. That saves time and money.


What areas of the plane does C&L manage for customers?

As a One-Stop-Support facility, we can service an aircraft nose-to-tail in one location. We even offer records management, aircraft remarketing, and parking stands.

For some major components, such as engines, landing gear, and propellers, we have agreements with major third-party vendors, and we administer the repair of these items on behalf of the customer.

For all other airframe-related repairs, we have the capability to perform our own in-house repairs on customers’ aircraft.

Here are the areas that we can manage:

      • Aircraft heavy checks and modifications
      • Component and accessory repairs
      • Complete aircraft interior refurbishment
      • Propeller inspection and repair
      • Avionics upgrade and modification
      • NDT
      • Aircraft exterior painting
      • In-house engineering to support repair development
      • Aircraft Teardowns
      • Parts Inventory Management


Who is an ideal customer for this program?

The ideal customer for C&L’s One-Stop-Support program is any commercial airline operator who flies one of the following aircraft types and is looking for a streamlined approach to maintenance that is both time- and cost-efficient.

      • ERJ 135/145
      • Saab 340
      • Saab 2000
      • Dash 8 100/200/300
      • CRJ 100/200/700/900

How does C&L manage so many repairs?

C&L’s repair management process is currently supported by a combination of manual input, an in-house web-based Customer Center System (Web Portal), and an MRO & Logistics Solutions system called Quantum Control.  Together, these systems ensure a thorough and safe adherence to FAA certification compliance, and they promote ‘best practice’ procedures to ensure that we consistently achieve top quality, top performance, and cost-efficiency.

Is there a contract? How long?

For each work scope that goes through our shop, whether for aircraft or component repair, a contract exists. For long-term contracts, we agree upon the terms and conditions of a General Terms Agreement (GTA) as well as the validity period for the GTA on a case-by-case basis.

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