Stacey Powell

Production Manager

+1 207 217 6123 +1 207 852 6411

Stacey Powell has over 30 years’ experience in aviation maintenance in both the military and private sector.

Stacey began his aviation career in the United States Air Force as an F-15 crew chief. Shortly after that, he worked for Northrop Grumman Aerospace as a Lead, responsible for a team of twelve performing maintenance. After that, and until Stacey was hired at C&L, he was part of the Maine Air National Guard, managing nine technicians responsible for performing ISO inspections and maintenance on the ten aircraft assigned to the 101 ARW. Stacey was responsible for coordinating with all back shops, the workflow, and parts issues to maintain aircraft schedule and also determine all discrepancies weather flyable or not to manage the parts ordering MICAP rates. It was here that Stacey managed all aircraft through the ISO process at a 99% efficiency rate on assigned schedules.

Stacey started his career with C&L Aviation Services in 2017 first as a Maintenence Planning Manager until his promotion to Production Manager. In this role, Stacey oversees all regional aircraft receiving maintenance to ensure the delivery of the aircraft along with all quoting for the regional aircraft maintenance services.