C&L Announces GE CT7 Fuel Nozzle Repair Capabilities

-1828-2Beginning in December 2010, C&L Aviation Services (CLAS), a subsidiary of C&L Aerospace, both located in the same building at the Bangor International Airport in Bangor Maine USA, now provides inspection, flow testing, and cleaning of GE CT7 fuel nozzles. CLAS technicians ensure that all GE procedures and maintenance requirements are met following the most current standards and procedures. Although many Saab 340 operators are enrolled in GE’s ECMP, this capability is needed by other Saab 340 operators and also CASA 235 operators.

“Every nozzle we service for the GE CT7s is released under the FAA and EASA dual release 8130-3 certification,” said Chris Kilgour, CEO and owner of C&L Aerospace.

The CLAS facility offers modern testing equipment, and C&L Aerospace’s onsite warehouse has a large exchange pool to fully support the GE CT7 fuel nozzle requirements. This gives operators the option of using the onsite pool as a forward exchange and is the most efficient way to reduce turn time without compromising airplane availability.

“CLAS provides aircraft operators with the highest quality service and competitive pricing,” continued Kilgour.