C&L Brokers Deal for Sale of Saab 340A to Kiwi Regional Airlines

Sprint Air(Bangor, Maine, USA) C&L, working on behalf of Spint Air, brokered a deal with Kiwi Regional Airlines for the sale of a Saab 340A, MSN 065. This is C&L’s eighth Saab transaction in the last 12 months.

As a world leader in the Saab 340 market, C&L is committed to maintaining the aircraft type as an economical option for regional operators around the world. Kiwi will operate the 340A out of its hub in Hamilton, New Zealand, bringing the Saab 340 back into service in that country.

Senior Vice President, Jameel Wazir said C&L’s longstanding relationship with the seller, Sprint Air, was integral to securing the best deal for both parties.

“The experience and knowledge of C&L helped this transaction run smoothly,” said Sprint Air Vice President, Jacek Roszak.  “It was a real benefit having C&L working for us.”