C&L Delivers Refurbished Saab 340B to Pacific Coastal

(Bangor, Maine, USA) C&L Aerospace delivered a completely refurbished Saab 340B to Pacific Coastal this week. The aircraft was previously operated by Pinnacle Airlines and was one of fourteen aircraft C&L purchased from Delta Airlines. The aircraft has undergone a complete overhaul, with all new interior and paint, at C&L’s Bangor, Maine, headquarters. It will operate from Pacific Coastal’s Vancouver hub.

Saab 340Bs are faster and more efficient than 340As, and because they are no longer in production, refurbishment is the only option for operators.

“This sale continues our commitment to putting refurbished aircraft back into the marketplace with the smaller carriers,” said Fred Dibble, Senior Vice President of Business Development at C&L.

C&L has delivered many Saab 340 aircraft to customers around the world and has a number of deals pending for the rest of the aircraft in this group. Pacific Coastal flies to more than 65 communities in the Pacific Northwest.