Hawker Aircraft Parts: Large In-Stock Inventory

Hawker Aircraft Parts

Over 30,000 line items in our warehouse with prices you’ll appreciate

Why Choose C&L For Your Hawker Aircraft Parts?


Quality matters. This is why every quote we send includes a photo of the actual part and a full record of traceability. This allows you to make more informed decisions that will save you time and money.

Plus, we keep a large stock of Hawker 800-series TKS panels – available for both wings and horizontal stabilizers – ready to go as needed, keeping you and your aircraft in the air.

We also have full, in-house overhaul capabilities for Hawker leading edges, a benefit that saves you time and money. For replacements, we have full ship sets available for exchange with quick turnaround times, and our units are customized to individual aircraft to avoid fit issues.


All aircraft parts and their certificates are photographed and scanned as they enter our warehouse. This enables our customers to have the information at their fingertips via our secure website or included as links on each of our quotes.

With over 30,000 Hawker parts located in our warehouses in the USA, Europe, South Africa, and Australia, we can support operators around the world 24/7.

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Hawker Aircraft Parts


C&L Aerospace is the authorized distribution agent for many quality OEMs.

As the authorized distribution agent, we can guarantee part quality while satisfying our customers’ needs for a consistent and reliable supply of regularly sought-after and specialist spare parts.

Our close partnership with OEMs and our coordinated sales and customer service approach ensures effective customer communication and delivery.