C&L Aviation Group – JetSuiteX ERJ 135 Custom Refurbishment


JetsuiteX came to us with a vision – to offer its customers something revolutionary in the air:

The experience of a private jet, for the price of an airline seat.

And to do so in their luxuriously appointed Embraer 135 jets.

So that’s what we set out to do.

Here’s how we brought the JetsuiteX vision to life in a sleek and stunning way.

We started by reshaping the interior of the aircraft.

We re-designed the layout for 30 seats which will allow passengers business-class legroom

The traditional overhead bins were removed to create a more spacious feel in the cabin

We installed LED lighting from Aircraft Lighting International and electrical outlets to enhance the modern feel and provide charging for today’s on-the-go traveler

Our interior teams worked together to craft a contemporary design with wood finishing and seats of hand-stitched italian leather.

And on the outside, each aircraft went through the process to get a fresh coat of paint, applied by skilled painters, for a finish that is bold, attractive and long-lasting.

We’re proud of the work we do here at C&L and in the customer experiences we’re creating through our partnership with JetsuiteX. We’re looking forward to working on dozens more aircraft just like this one for JetSuiteX.

Check out photos of the finished custom interior and exterior paint job.