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Our professional sales team specializes in the sale or lease of all models of business jets – Falcon, Gulstream, Challenger, Hawker, Learjet and more – and our clients benefit from our combined decades of experience and knowledge.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a new or pre-owned aircraft, we can provide you with unparalleled assistance in market analysis, tax laws, regulations and maintenance expectations.


When we research the market, we take a global view of the entire economy, as well as a more detailed one for each individual aircraft model.” We also look for trends and indicators that might affect the sale and/or replacement of that aircraft.

Then we provide all this information to you in an easily digestible report so you can make the best decision based on your needs.


C&L JET will assist you in every phase of your aircraft transaction, from coordinating pre-purchase inspections and contract details to overseeing demonstration flights.

Our long-term support includes:

* Single dedicated sales manager backed by the entire C&L Aerospace team
* Complete Market Analysis
* World-Class Aggressive Marketing, including placement on our website, professional photography and detailed spec sheets
* Off-market pre-notification to the C&L Aerospace customer data base
* Aircraft Pre-Sale Evaluation, including review of logbooks, CAMP and other records for near-term requirements
* Offer and acceptance / price negotiations
* Coordination of 3rd party referral network services (title services, CPA’s, attorneys, 1031 exchange companies, Guaranteed Maintenance programs, Aircraft financing, etc.)


Our clients have the comfort of knowing that their aircraft is handled by a team of proven professionals. Maximizing your value is our number one priority, and we always protect our clients’ privacy through every step of the process, warding off unsolicited inquiries, vendors and solicitors.

Unlike other brokers, our job is never done. That’s because we believe in long-term commitments and relationships. We’ve built our entire business around the idea that you mean more to us than the current transaction. When you purchase your next aircraft or operate your remaining fleet, you can be sure we, along with our sister company, C&L Aviation Group, will be there with a growing list of services to support you: pre-purchase inspections, aircraft finance, aircraft repairs, modifications and upgrades, new paint, and asset management.


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